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My Story

Early Life

Sergio Rodriguez has been an Entrepreneur from a very early age. He grew up in South Florida playing football and skateboarding. His passion for sports taught him valuable lessons about hard work, being consistent and acquiring results.

He always knew that he was destined to be an Entrepreneur… Despite his young age, Sergio opted into every money making opportunity he could find whether that was mowing lawns or renting out his dirt bike to local friends!

Years later, Sergio got his first "real job". He had some success, but nothing would compare to what was to come.



It all started with Sergio's first job at a local company packing and distributing goods for major manufacturers. Although the job was a excellent first job because it had a nice family atmosphere to it and working there felt like a breeze, Sergio quickly realized that working 40+ hour weeks for someone else was not the life he was meant to live.

Shortly after, Sergio transitioned careers and began working at a mortgage broker firm as a telemarketing sales agent earning commissions on sales on top of the hourly wage. This was his first step on realizing that working for himself was the way to earn more and feel more passionate about his work.

A month before turning 18 Sergio dropped out of high school the second day of 12th grade. Sergio decided to go all in to his career so he got his mortgage broker license the following month when he turned 18. His career working as a mortgage broker at local brokerage firm in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida was a excellent learning experience in sales, closing customers and getting the first feel of success at self employment since he was only getting payed commissions when deals were closed.

While this job was a significant improvement to his prior career, the 2008 housing economy crash came and the entire mortgage industry suffered. Sergio quick realized that he had to change careers and without hesitation he did just that.

One day posting a phone for sale on craigslist, Sergio noticed how quickly customers began calling to purchase the device and the calls just poured in. Sergio noticed that there was a obvious demand in the buying and selling of phones so he decided to buy a few old devices from family members and the local swap shop and list them up for resale. Once again the flew quickly. This is when Sergio decided take the electronic industry serious and he began to research different ways to get electronics at wholesale prices and how to unlock them as well.

After a few years of unlocking and reselling electronics Sergio decided he needed to add another stream of income so he began to learn how to repair electronics as well. After a few months of repairing devices for customers out of a small office, Sergio opened up his first retail cell phone store.

One day after talking with his employee at that time Sergio learned that he could make money creating videos for YouTube. This is when the YouTube channel was created and the videos started pouring in.

Sergio would record videos on the services he would perform for customers on a daily basis and upload them to YouTube. Building the YouTube channel went hand in hand with retail phone store.

Shortly after Sergio began having issues with local repair parts suppliers so he decided to order the parts from China himself and become a supplier as well to improve on the issues that he was facing.

This was the birth of Serg-Tech. Sergio created the name brand Serg-Tech for all his products and social media channels...




Serg-Tech is more than just a company.. it’s a MOVEMENT in the tech industry to research and provide the highest quality possible on products and services!

A few years later after providing more than 1000 videos on tech tutorials and reviews, Serg-Tech has over 300K subscribers on YouTube with around 100K views daily and over 5000 visitors daily on his websites!


We at Serg-Tech, are on a mission to provide the most valuable information and innovative products for customers to simplify their lives and we are JUST GETTING STARTED!